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Reptiles and Amphibians

Snapping Turtle in Pinery. Twenty-nine different species of reptiles and amphibians have been recorded for Pinery. Reptiles include seven species of  turtles, Ontario's only species of lizard, and eight species of snakes(none of which are venomous).  Amphibian records include five species of salamanders, and eight species of frogs and toads.

Grey Tree Frog in Pinery.Pinery hosts a diversity of reptiles and amphibians and plays an important role in the protection of habitat for their survival in the Grand Bend area. Many of the landscapes of Southern Ontario have been drastically altered in the last century, with over 93% of the forests and marshes being cleared in this area.  Many reptiles and amphibians, like the Blue Racer and the Bull Frog, have become quite rare or have disappeared entirely from this area.  As well, factors that threaten the survival of reptiles and amphibians include: road traffic, human persecution of snakes, and commercial exploitation. The importance of protection for natural areas -like Pinery- in Southwestern Ontario as well as the education of the public about their role in the ecosystem is crucial to the survival of these creatures.

Eastern Hognosed Snake at Pinery.Please refer to the Checklist of Reptiles and Amphibians of Pinery Provincial Park for a listing of specific species found in the park.  Books containing more information about Pinery's reptiles and amphibians can be purchased at The Friends of Pinery Nature Gift Shop in Pinery's Visitor Centre.

Painted Turtle on the Old Ausauble River Channel.Please join a Park Naturalist on a conducted walk, children's program, evening program, or for one of our Night Walks to learn more about the Park's reptiles or amphibians. All of these programs are part of our well-known Summer Interpretive Program.  Live displays of reptiles and amphibians are found in the Visitor Centre.

Check out the live snakes in the Visitor Centre.School and youth groups may want to book a Visitor Centre Tour, and see live snakes on display. Programs can be booked through our Group Education Program.

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