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Interpretive Walking Trails

Ten walking trails are available for exploring throughout Pinery. Each trail is designed to explore a different aspect of Pinery.
Four trails have an accompanying trail guide and three are wheelchair accessible.

Pinery Walking Club
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Bittersweet Trail ( 1.5 km)
Search for mammal signs on this enjoyable walk along the Old Ausable Channel. Since most mammals are nocturnal, the best time to take this walk is in the early morning or evening.
Carolinian Trail ( 1.8 km)
This trail is located in a floodplain forest dominated by Carolinian plants and animals that are at the northern extent of their range. Stairways, benches and viewing platforms make nature observing an enjoyable experience.
Cedar Trail ( 2.3 km)
Journey through one of the rarest North American habitats - Oak Savanna. A 1 km trail extension also provides the user with access to the shore of Lake Huron. Excellent example of Oak Savanna habitat.
Heritage Trail ( 2.5 km)
Meandering through the rare Oak Savanna habitat, this trail was the site of a prescribed burn in 1990. The colour trail guide highlights the human history of Pinery.
Hickory Trail ( 1 km)
  • Flat terrain
  • Stairs
This trail leads you along the Old Ausable Channel. Watch for the ragged bark of the Shagbark Hickories and the seedpods of Bladdernut as you examine the rich diversity of plants along this trail.
Sassafras Trail ( 1 km)
  • Viewing platform
  • Hilly terrain
  • Stairs
  • Open year round.
From the viewing platform at the top of the dune, you might see a soaring turkey vulture; bring your binoculars. This trail was formerly know as Lookout Trail.
Nipissing Trail ( 2 km)
This challenging trail leads you to the top of Pinery's oldest and largest dune ridge, affording a view of most of the park, Lake Huron and adjacent farmland. Observe the dramatic re-growth of plant life that has occurred after the controlled burn of 1993.
Pine Trail ( 0.8 km)
  • Flat terrain
  • Stairs
The dense stand of Red Pines is the result of a catastrophic fire in the late 1800's. This section of forest is very different from the Oak Savanna found throughout most of the park.
Riverside Trail ( 1 km)
  • Flat terrain
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Viewing Platforms
Passing from dry upland oak/pine forests, onto the Old Ausable Channel floodplain, this trail is home to a diverse variety of plants and animals. Benches and viewing platforms make this trail ideal for nature watching.
Wilderness Trail ( 3 km)
  • Flat terrain
  • Stairs to beach
  • Viewing platform
Pinery's longest trail takes the visitor through some of the park's oldest forest growth. This path wanders through a Red Pine and mixed Oak-Pine forest to the shore of Lake Huron.
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