Bike Trail

Savanna Biking Trail (14 km)

This 14-kilometre trail follows a wooded path from the Park Store to the traffic circle. It then takes over the left side of the one-way Day Use Road, along the Old Ausable River Channel, and travels through the wooded landscape to Picnic Area 8 – Please watch out for one way traffic using the right side of the road. The Savanna Trail then continues by turning into the forest once again. This section of the trail follows a wooded path to the Visitor Centre, where it exits the forest and runs along the left shoulder of the road, over the Store Bridge, taking you back to the Park Store.

Cycling has traditionally been a popular activity at the park and our picturesque bicycle trail will allow you to explore Pinery by pedal power. The development of the trail was a joint partnership between the Friends of Pinery and the park. Since its opening in June 1997, the bicycle trail has been used and appreciated by thousands of campers and day users.  Be sure to check out our wide selection of quality rental bicycles available at bike rental building across from the park store.

Cyclists may begin their ride at the Park Store parking lot, the winter activities area, Picnic Area 8, or the Park Administration Buildings. From the Park Store, the trail winds Northward through a beautiful section of Pinery’s Oak Savanna. The trail crosses the main road at the traffic circle, follows the bank of the Old Ausable Channel and joins the Day Use road. The right lane of the road is designated one way for motorized vehicles, and the bicycle trail utilizes the left lane for two-way bicycle travel. The paved trail allows the rider to quietly explore Pinery’s natural wonders, ending at Picnic Area 8. The trail extension from Picnic Area 8 back to the start of the trail was completed in the Spring of 2003.

Check the current Pinery Provincial Park Activity Schedule for dates and times of guided bicycle trail tours!