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Board and Committees

Share your wisdom, experience, and love of nature as a member of our Board of Directors or committees. Our current committees are Grant Writing, Communications, Event Planning, and Pinery Fall Classic. To learn more about serving on a committee, contact us.

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Board of Directors

If you have served on a committee for at least one year, you are invited to bring your skills, experience, and enthusiasm to serve on our Board of Directors for the full 3-year term. If you have not served on a committee we welcome you to serve a 1-year term on our Board. As a member of the Board of Directors you will:

  • Serve as a voting member of the Board as a trustee of the Friends of Pinery Park
  • Participate in fundraising activities and events
  • Participate in committees to advise on and/or lead projects
  • Attend 9 meetings per year: 4–5 at the Visitors Centre in the Park (evenings at 7 pm) and 2–3 online (evenings at 7 pm)

Role Description

All applications will be acknowledged, held in confidence, and kept on file for future consideration.

Board of Directors Application Form

Thank you for your interest in joining our Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors play a vital role in promoting our mission to educate, promote, preserve and support Pinery Provincial Park. New board members are appointed at the Annual General Meeting held in April. We welcome individual applicants with suitable skills and experience to help us grow our organization.

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