Become a Community Scientist

Whatever your background, you can help collect data for research in Pinery Provincial Park. However you participate, you’ll be providing invaluable data to help scientists understand what’s happening in our changing natural world.

Become a Bat Scientist

You can “rent” (for a safety deposit) a bat detector at the Park’s Visitor Centre and become a bat scientist. Explore the park, use the detector to listen for bats, and record what you find. When you return your detector, mark your findings on our map.

photo monitor

You can also help by taking photos at the photo monitoring posts set up throughout the park. Each post has a metal bracket to accept smart devices that ensures the direction and angle of photos is consistent. Take a picture of the Pinery landscape and email it to the address on the post. This helps Park ecologists to monitor changes from week to week and year to year.

Photomon sign, Pinery, 2017 Photographer: Evan Holt

Photomon sign, Pinery, 2017
Photographer: Evan Holt

To learn more, talk to a Park Naturalist at the Visitor Centre.

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